香港德赛斯科技建材有限公司是西班牙THESIZE公司在大中华地区的唯一总代理,德赛斯中国大陆业务全权委托佛山德赛斯建材有限公司运营。其经营的西班牙“Neolith”德赛斯岩板具有颠覆性的高物理性能和产品优势(简称“六三一”优势),即六大产品优势:御风飞行、御火耐温、御击抗磨、御水防渗、御色不变、御意实现;三大世界之最:最大尺寸为3600×1200mm、3200x1500)、最薄 (厚度仅3mm)、最轻 (重量7kg/m2);一体式的全方位空间应用:覆盖全规格的产品可广泛适用于室内装饰(室内墙面、地面、天花等)、外装(建筑外墙)、商业空间、家居领域(厨房台面、门板、卫浴、家具)等等。德赛斯岩板的未来派特质引领着世界建筑装饰材料行业的新趋势,德赛斯公司致力给消费者提供高品质安全可靠的生活保证。

TECHSIZE Co.,Ltd is the exclusive agent of “NEOLITH” in China. Neolith does not belong to what is traditionally known as “ceramics” or “porcelain”, it is rather an extreme evolution of these ones tothe extent of creating a new kind of surface perviously inexistent. Neolith makes part and is pioneer of the Sintered Compact Surfaces.Which offers the most efficient solutions for the most demanding architectural projects, as well as an extensive combination of colours and finishes, making it a designer product that can be used in numerous applications for interiors, exteriors and furnishings.

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